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Create your own Intelligence Center based on information from practically any open webpage in the world. We capture new content and deliver it to you. Combine sources and filters exactly as you like. We have solutions for the single user, groups and global organizations.

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Insights for you

Focus on information that matters to you. Feed yourself with insights from open sources of your choice.


No Information Overload

Lack of time?

Successful people are always well informed and ahead of their competitors. They know which business signals to listen to and which to ignore. They do not experience information overload.

We provide relevant and timely updates from the selected sources you need to follow.


Synchronize your skills

Bring the best out of your team. Create a beautiful symphony based on your different skills, interests and tasks. Collaborate in an internal social environment integrated in your platform. Individuals and groups combine individual competences and initiatives to a greater good.

Connect your internal dots.

Relevant and timely updates

Sales- and Market Insights

No matter if you need a reason-to-call-generator, keep track on competitors or deep insights in your customers challenges – External triggers from selected sources will give you valuable insights.

Follow what competitors and other market actors are up to – your customers do.

Insights for Boards and C-levels

How does the organization follow up on strategic initiatives and planning? Long term intelligence demands knowledge about what affects the strategy and who the importans players are. The ability to read weak signals is not for everyone…

We help strategic decision makers to form the competitive intelligence map and listen with a long term focus.


Consulting Insights

For proactive advisors who want to see-around-corners.

We help advisors and other knowledge driven people to collect relevant pieces of information that indicates customer challenges long before they have become a problem.

Financial Insights

If you invest in non-public organizations you should track news from relevant webpage that are not covered by news agencies.

The rich web provides a deeper, broader and better picture for investors. We tracking, filtering and organizing the information. This will give you a huge advantage.