Why we do it

No matter how much Big Data we process and analyze… The final touch will always make the difference in human relationships. We think that small details generate great ideas.

So, we built a tool which people can use to turn unstructured information into meaningful external triggers that help them see things from a personal perspective – and stand out.

We provide relevant and timely information

You decide which webpages you want to follow and we monitor then.
You can decide exactly how you want the content filtered – or not.
You can manage the tool from your laptop or mobile platform.
You can choose an individual- or team-version

How it works

After you added any web address (URL) and an optional filter to the system, we scan that page and, based on its content, create an algoritm which we compare to algoritms created from following scans. When the page is updated with new information, that information is compared to your filter. If it matches your filter, or, if you did’t set a filter, it a Hit and the information goes to you Hitlist. If you have chosen Email-alerts, we will also send an Email with the Hit.

We analyze text on open webpages. Not sound, pictures, movies, password-protected pages etc.