We provide customer- and market insights

Why we do it

To provide the best collection of information in each and every situation

No matter how much Big Data you process and analyze… The Devil is in the details. The final touch will always make the difference in human relationships and business decision making.

We will guide you to important details that matters. We will help you make unstructured information organized. You will get insights and external business triggers from your personal perspective and that will make you unique – you will stand out from the crowd.

We search for relevant and timely information from a perfect set of sources

When you connect your current knowledge and insights with new relevant, external triggers, you’ll complete the picture. Those external triggers are usually not published in the news or any other common media.

Our service will take you to the front:

  • You decide what is relevant
  • You master which webpages and type of content that add value for you
  • You will be agile, mobile and opportunity-focused

How it works

  1. Together, we design the scope
  2. We capture news from relevant sources
  3. We compare the text with your filter (if any)
  4. We send matching text to you
  5. You receive a personalized feed with relevant business triggers

There are practically no boundaries regarding sources, language, filters etc.

Service and Support

We provide the whole range of services from Do-It-Yourself to Turn-Key solutions based on comprehensive business- and technical intelligence skills.