We provide Webpage Monitoring

Monitor any open webpage and get alerts when something new occurs that match your preferences.

We help you compose the best collection of open web information.

No matter how much Big Data you process and analyze…

The Devil is in the details.

  • Collect news that is important to you.
  • Organize unstructured information.
  • Get insights automatically.
  • Use informant.app for single users, or
  • Salesforce1 for team users.

How it Works

We have two versions – single and team. Both are simple to use.

  1. Add your target webpages to your Subscription
  2. Add optional filter
  3. Results are published in the app and/or via e-mail

Get insights from your most important sources that rarely are published in the traditional news channels. There are practically no boundaries regarding sources, language, filters, etc.

Automated Insights

  • We check your sources for updates
  • We compare new text with your filter patten
  • We update the hitlist
  • We send e-mail (if you want)

The Single User Version, Informant One

Super efficient, easy-to-use webpage monitoring

  • Monitors any open webpage for updates
  • Powerful filtering
  • Hitlist (personal account)
  • E-mail alerts (optional)
  • Free version available

The Team Version, Informant for Salesforce

Super efficient, easy-to-use webpage monitoring seamlessly integrated in Salesforce CRM.

(For any other platform, don’t hesitate to ask us)

  • Monitors any open webpage for updates
  • Powerful filtering
  • Connects subscriptions to Account objects
  • Multiple alert options
  • Chatter Feed Item
  • E-mail alerts (optional)

Service and Support

Intelliwell provides services from Do-It-Yourself to Turn-Key solutions. Everything is scalable.

Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.