Single user Screenshots

  1. Name
    Give your subscription a relevant name
  2. Source Urls
    Add one or more URL you want to monitor
  3. Filter (optional)
    Simple and powerful [read more]
  4. Tags
    Extended search criteria
  5. Send emails
    Check if you want e-mail alerts
    All hits are available under “Hits” menu


Hitlist shows hits from all subscriptions chronologically.

Header is Subscription name.

Text is the actual content.

Link takes you to the linked page.

Edit Subscription takes you to the settings for the subscription that generated the Hit.

Delete removes the Hit from Hitlist

Tip: If you want to view all Hits from a specific subscription

  • click Subscriptions menu, and then
  • click the Subscription Name you want to Hits from

Team Edition

Team Edition Screenshots

  1. Hits from Informant
  2. Subscription Settings
  3. Alert Settings
  4. Hits included in Chatter Feed
  5. Informant Menu – list and edit all subscriptions

Hits are always presented on the Hitlist which can be included in the Page Layout (ask your Admin). Hits also populate the Chatter Feed for users who follow the Account (default) and send e-mail to individuals (optional).

A subscription is a combination of one or more sources (URLs) and zero or more filter criteria(s). An Account can have an unlimited number of subscriptions.

Informant App is always available via the App Meny in Salesforce and can be included in your main menu (ask your Admin).