Pricing and Features

Informant Free
Monitor any web page (*)
Unlimited number of sources
Unlimited number of filters
1 subscription
Mobile web
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Informant One
per month
Single user
Small scale
Same features as "Free" and
10 subscriptions
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Salesforce Edition
per month
Team Edition
Salesforce integration
Same features as "One" and
Unlimited number of subscriptions
Seamless integration with Salesforce CRM
CRM license (**)
Multi-user collaboration
Automatic "Improve Subscription" feature (***)
Mobile App
Free trial 30 days
Integrate with anything
Improve your platform
Same features as "One" and
Anything agreed...
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Discounted for Nonprofits. 

(*) Detects new text on practically all non-protected web pages
(**) Discounted if your organization already has Salesforce Enterprise licens or higher
(***) Subscriptions with ”poor-result-Hits”  will be improved in the background if reported.

Features Overview

  • Advanced Web Surveillance
  • No language restrictions
  • Exact filtering for optimal relevance 
  • Unlimited number of sources
  • Works on all major mobile platforms
  • Integrates with, and
  • other platforms via API

(*) Automatic “Improve Subscription” feature means that subscriptions with “poor-result-Hits”  will be improved in the background if reported.