Everything we do aims to make relevant information available for the right person at the right time with a minimum of effort. We leave general mass-data collection to others…

Intelliwell was founded 2006 with focus on customer- and market intelligence. We are information strategists who develop cloud based intelligence services for business decision makers. Our perspective is the end-users desire for accurate, relevant and timely information without boundaries. The pursuit for perfection will never end…

Our core service, Informant, tracks webpage updates and comes in three packages:

  1. Informant Free / One / Plus is the “spot-on” single user application.
  2. Informant Salesforce Edition is the team edition where all features are integrated in Salesforce CRM.
  3. With Informant Custom we provide extensive webpage-monitoring services via an open API.

Our products

The Single User Version

Super efficient, easy-to-use webpage monitoring.

  • Reduces manual web monitoring
  • Fast results
  • Super powerful filters
  • Global (=language independent)
  • Email alerts
  • Works on all standard platforms
  • API available

The Team Version

Super efficient, easy-to-use webpage monitoring seamlessly integrated in Salesforce Cloud.

  • Monitors Account objects
  • Multiple alert options
  • Chatter Feed Item
  • Auto Improve Feature