Informant organizes Customer Intelligence

One of the most important resource in every company is Wisdom. Individual wisdom is important, but the total wisdom of an organization is crucial for it’s competitive ability.

”The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement.
 The quality of being wise”

Most business processes are planned and optimized down to details. There are digitalization, automation, apps and tools for practically everything – except Customer Intelligence…

Customer Intelligence is typically either a centralized process where the information flows from the top and down, or an individual matter where everybody is responsible for his or her own information. Neither is a winning concept.

Centralized processes will be too vague – they will not reach the target. Individual responsibility is

  1. Time consuming
  2. Hard to map against Business Objectives
  3. Costly when someone leaves his or her position. Information and Structure ”disappears”

We suggest an automated, agile process to coordinate company wisdom with the day-to-day work.
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