How is Intelliwell Informant different?

It provides a unique, individual view instead of results based on commonly asked questions. Through personalized filters on selected web pages, users get customized news feeds automatically – always relevant, always timely.

Which sources are available?

Practically any open web page on the entire web – limitless

Do I need a special CRM licens?

No, either you use the stand alone version –  Informant One – or the Informant CRM version which includes a salesforce platform license.

Can I try before I decide?

Yes, of course, see our plans

Can I integrate to our current ERP / CRM?

Yes, there is a seamless integration with
Informant also integrates with other systems via API. Use the Informant Custom version.

We have thousands of accounts – how do we handle that?

Informant has no limitations. Our Support Team will help you with a professional setup.

Can we use different languages?

Yes, you can monitor different languages simultaneously.