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- Informant - The Customer Intelligence Tool
- Monitor virtually any web page on the Internet
- Takes minutes to set up
- Integrated with:
  salesforce.com and
  Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Works on all major mobile platforms
- Enterprise Social Collaboration
- An API to integrate with your existing platform
- Research and consulting
- Intelligence training

Master your business information


Select one or more target web page(s)​


Use filters if you want to narrow the scope (optional)


Results in your personal feed or email​

Hit Settings Result

  • Image 1: Select one or more target web page(s)
  • Image 2: Use filters if you want to narrow the scope (optional)
  • Image 3: Results will be delivered to your account and email if you like

Intelliwell Informant is integrated with Salesforce CRM - We give you two options:

  1. If you don't have a Salesforce account:
    Intelliwell will provide Informant integrated in a Salesforce account with basic functionallity.
    No extra charge. 

  2. If you do have a Salesforce account:
    Get the Informant App from AppExchange or
    ask Intelliwell for the installation link.

Try it now >>> 



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