Everybody looks the same. Digitalization and Globalization. Two words that make competing more difficult now than ever. There is always someone who can offer a product or service – similar to yours – for a lower price. ”Wrap you hard-to-replace-service around your standard product” New players enter your market and approach your Customer. They might […]

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Focus – No Overload

Information is everywhere – regardless if you want it or not. Too much information takes focus from your real targets. Business Opportunities and other important market information is drowned in floods of mails, feeds, notes, etc. that other people send to you. ”Control your inbox – don’t let information overload hold you back” Do you […]

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Team Efficiency

One of the most important resource in every company is Wisdom. Individual wisdom is important, but the total wisdom of an organization is crucial for it’s competitive ability. ”The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement.
 The quality of being wise” Most business processes are planned and optimized down to details. There are digitalization, automation, […]

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