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What is Customer Intelligence?

In short: the process of gathering and analyzing information regarding customers; their details and their activities, in order to build deeper and more effective customer relationships and improve strategic decision making [wikipedia]

How is Intelliwell Informant different form other systems?

Informant allows users to gather and filter any source that is relevant to the main object - The Customer Account - independent of external actors (aggregators). This is absolutely necessary to achieve the definition above.  

Do I need a special CRM licens?

No, If you don't have a CRM system we provide a salesforce platform licence for free.

Can I try before I decide?

Yes, of course.

  1. Use our form, or
  2. Send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or
  3. Call us +46-8-210303  

Can I integrate to our current ERP / CRM?

Yes, Informant integrates with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
It can also integrate with other systems via API. 

Which sources are available?

Practically any webpage (URL/URI) that is open, i lasix pill.e. not protected by passwords, credentials etc.

Is it a push or pull service?

Both actually

Pull - You get news feeds automatically
Push - You can distribute (push) to colleagues and friends, comment, like etc.  

I need filters

Our filter syntax is flexible and powerful. It can be used for simple filters and really advanced algorithms. 
We're always there to help you - free of charge, of course.  

I'm worried about Information Overload

Our method gives you exactly the information need / want. We provide the best possible technique to bring relevance - no more, no less

We have thousands of accounts - how do we handle that?

Informant has no limitations. Our Support Team will help you import data.