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Users no Price per user
per month ($)
1-25 60
26-100 50
201-300 40
301-500 24
500+ Quote

Discounted for Nonprofits. 

Features Overview

  • Advanced Web Surveillance 
  • Automatic Improvment Support
  • Personilized reporting
  • Corporate Social Collaboration Tool
  • Basic CRM functionality
  • Works on all major mobile platforms
  • Integrates with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • API for integration with other systems

Sources: Any webpage that is publicly available. 

  • Animations (images, audio etc.) are ignored
  • Webpages cannot have protection such as login, user credentials, captcha or similar
  • Content cannot be generated by POST command, ad-hoc or time framed [special agreement required - contact Intelliwell]
  • Intervall: 20 minutes

Number of souces: Unlimited


  • Def: A subscription is one or more sources in combination with zero or more filters.
  • Subscriptions are linked to one Account in your CRM system (i.e Customer, Prospect, Competitor, Partner etc.) 
  • Each Account can be linked to zero or more Subscriptions.
  • None


Subscriptions can be individually filtered. Filter is not mandatory.  

  • Extremly powerful and flexible filter engine (Regular Expression)
  • Single words, phrases, variables can be used
  • Free support included (describe what you want and Intelliwell Support takes care of it)
  • None


New posts are published in the Informant App. Users can log in via any supported device (laptop, mobile, etc.). Digest e-mail are sent regularly (optional). Content consists of the new text and associated link (if provided by source).

  • Digest mail: none, daily or weekly
  • Hits published to personal RSS/Atom feeds is optional

CRM features included in Platform License

  • Accounts
  • Activities
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Content
  • Documents
  • Events
  • Tasks 
Storage Limits

Your organization is allocated either 1 GB or a per-user limit, whichever is greater. For example, 20 users receives 1 GB because 20 users multiplied by 20 MB per user is 400 MB, which is less than the 1 GB minimum. 100 users receives more than the 1 GB minimum because 100 users multiplied by 20 MB per user is 2 GB.

For file storage, your organization is allocated a per-user limit multiplied by the number of users in the organization plus an additional per-organization allocation of 11 GB. For example, 600 users receives 1,211 GB of file storage, or 2 GB per user multiplied by 600 users plus an additional 11 GB.


Phone: +46-8-21 03 03 (Central European Time, CET = GMT + 01:00) Mon - Fri 07:30 AM - 06:00 PM)

Email: support[at]