Informant integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Customer Intelligence Tool, Informant, is now integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Informant integrated with Salesforce platform

The Customer Intelligence Tool, Informant, is now integrated with CRM.

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Intelliwell has quickly become one of the leading experts in information collection, filtering and delivery. Our tool - Informant - automatically collects updated information from virtually any web page on the Internet and offers extremely flexible filtering to ensure extensive information valuation. We also offer intelligence consulting services and training.

Intelliwell is a ISV-partner.

Intelliwell Informant integrates with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and works as a stand alone OEM App for any ERP system through our API.


We make information available and useful.


Intelliwell’s self-learning Customer Intelligence System detects, validates, interprets and refines, Market Information to improve decisions.


Professional organizations with a proactive view on customer care. 


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